Dispersal of Priory Avenue patients - Numbers and Outcomes

When Priory Avenue GP practice closed, as our CCG's contract with One Medical Group was terminated, patients were advised of the different practices to which they could be transferred. Some who lived South of the river Thames had a considerable choice of practices with which to register.

Here are the changes in the patient lists as numbers and percentages and an indication of the changes in the Friends and Family Test results for the practices.

Practice Additional patients 1 June to 1 Oct Change as % FFT result changes
Balmore Park 3044 17.4% Not collected
Emmer Green 1495 15.8% No recent data
Walk-In Centre 729 8.5% Dipped in July&August, no further data yet
Melrose 297 2.9% Not collected
Chatham Street 246 3.7% Not collected
London Street 111 2.2% Not collected
Sonning Common 78 0.9% Dipped in Aug/Sep, 99% in Oct
University 78 0.3% Dip in June, August, no other data yet