Life Expectancy is Falling for the First Time in Decades

According to an article in the Financial Times of 1st March 2018 UK life expectancy, which has been rising steadily since the 1860s, has fallen back in 2015 and 2017. Compared with 2014 life expectancies for males at age 65 are 10 months shorter and life expectancies for females at age 65 are 12 months shorter.

The life insurance and pensions industries, which are constructed around use of life tables, are now agreed that there is a trend at least of slower increase in life expectancy since 2011.

Life expectancy varies considerably across the nations and localities of the UK, with Scotland having the lowest life expectancy, several years lower than England, and Northern Ireland now outpacing Wales.

We know that people in the most deprived areas can expect 9 years less life than those in the most affluent. It is also true that people in the most deprived areas can expect about 20 years less of life in good health than those in the most affluent areas.