Royal Berkshire Hospital judged Outstanding by CQC

On 11th January 2018 the Care Quality Commission gave the Royal Berkshire Hospital, which it had inspected at the end of 2017, a rating of Outstanding, although it was only able to give the Trust as a whole a rating of Good since it had not inspected the four satellite locations of the Trust. Click here to read the full report.

A few of the highlights of the report:
The internal culture of the Trust clearly evidenced an exceptional and outstanding approach to delivering care and treatment, making patients and relatives feel valued, involved and empowered. Of particular note is the consistency of this culture, displayed by staff of all grades and disciplines, by governors, by the large body of volunteers, and by the senior executive team. Cardiology had the most effective 24/7 heart attack service nationally for seven consecutive years. . The Stroke Unit was rated overall ‘A’. Ortho-geriatrics is in the top quartile nationally for best practice tariff achievement, length of stay and 30 day mortality rate.