Royal Berkshire Hospital meets 3 of 4 Standards on 7 day Working

In a latest assessment, covering July 2019, the Royal Berkshire Hospital has met 3 out of 4 clinical standards for 7-day working.

One of the starndards met reqquires that 90% of patients shall have access to six kinds of standard diagnostic tests: Microbiology,, CT scans, Ultrasound scans, Echo cardiography, MRI scans, Upper gastro-intestinal endoscopy.

Another of the standards met requires that patients shall have 7-day access to the following emergency treatments: primary percutaneous coronary intervention, cardica pacing, thrombolysis for stroke, emergency general surgery, interventional radiology, renal replacement therapy, urgent radiotherapy.

The third clinical standard met requires that 90% of patients receive a daily or twice daily review by a consultant.

These three standards are met for weekdays and for weekend days.

The standard that is not met is that 90% of patients should be reviewed by a consultant within 14 hours of admission to the hospital.