SRPV Meeting and AGM - 27 Nov 2019 - Progress on the Musculo-Skeletal Pathway Revision - Dr James Warren - Patient Representative

South Reading Patient Voice next meets at Friends Meeting House at 6pm on Wednesday, 27th November.
Dr James Warren will return to tell us about progress with the revision of the Musculo-Skeletal pathway for patients in Berkshire West. We will also hold our annual AGM, with a review of the year and election of officers.

We will also hear and discuss local healthcare news and reports from local Patient Participation Groups.

Agenda for SRPV Meeting on 27th November 2019 (PDF)46.55 KB
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SRPV Annual Report 2018-19 (PDF)1.16 MB
AGM Resolutions 2019 (PDF)19.47 KB
SRPV Constitution With Proposed Changes (PDF)33.5 KB
SRPV Proposed Response To BOB CCG Merger Proposals (PDF)41.69 KB
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