Patients' Views of their Berkshire West Surgeries - 2020

The annual national GP patient survey - representing patients' views of their GP practices - has just been published for 2020. This is based on data taken near the start of the year.

Corona Virus Disease - Covid-19

Update: 27th October 2020: NHS test and trace started operation at 9am on 28th May 2020. The geometric average of weekly growth factors in number of cases confirmed by testing over the week to 27th October is 1.265 equivalent to a doubling time of 21 days. According to the King's College Covid Symptom Study infection in Reading is rising with an estimated 550 symptomatic cases. on 28th October. On 2nd July Public Health England changed the basis of reporting - by eliminating double counting of persons counted in both pillars 1 and 2. It also added in the pillar 2 figures into the local totals for the first time - raising Reading's total, for example, from 596 to 767 and made public for the first time an out-of-control situation in Leicester. In Italy the factor improved to 0.75 when the number of new daily cases fell below 1000, perhaps due to the greater efficacy of contact tracing for the smaller number of cases, leading to a halving time of 17 days.


South Reading Patient Voice Meets at 6pm on Wednesday 21st October 2020

South Reading Patient Voice meets online at 6pm on Wednesday 21st October.

We are hoping that we will have a speaker on developing the new Health and Wellbeing strategy, but if not we have plenty else to discuss, including the future of the Walk-In centre, the Independent Sage 6-week plan for tacking the Coronavirus Crisis, a local Covid-19 testing station and more. We will also have news from local Patient Participation Groups and Healthwatch and a report from the Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee Meets on Thursday, 14th October 2020

The Berkshire West Primary Care Commissioning Committee meets online at 1pm on Thursday, 14th October 2020.

Berkshire Public Health Covid-19 Dashboard

Berkshire Public Health has a dashboard with details. of infection around Berkshire.

Reading Health and Wellbeing Board meets online at 2pm on Friday 9th October

The Reading Health and Wellbeing Board meets online at 2pm on Friday, 9th October, The agenda and papers are attached. To attend please emails . Questions can be addressed in the same way.

See the recording of the meeting .

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