How to Report Concern About Abuse of Children or Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding children is everybody’s responsibility. Any adult who is concerned that the situation is urgent where a child is at risk of suffering significant harm should consult or refer to the Children's Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub, Tel: 0118 937 3641, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Outside these hours, contact the Emergency Duty Team, Tel: 01344 786543. Emails about safeguarding of children may be sent to .

If a child is at immediate risk dial 999 and ask for Police assistance.

Abuse of vulnerable adults can occur in many ways, through a poorly run residential home, through an abusive relationship at home or elsewhere. Reading Borough Adult Safeguarding Team exercises statutory responsibility for safeguarding vulnerable adults and liases with many other bodies who assist in this protection. Concerns about an adult you know or about an institution can be passed on to the Adult Safeguarding Team at their website or by phoning 0118 937 3747.