South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group

The South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group is now authorised and operational as of 1st April 2013. Its website is at and its twitter name is @SReadingCCG.

The local Berkshire West federation of Clinical Commissioning Groups has set up a website about Diabetes and Diabetes care.

We have retaned a few CCG documents here temporarily.

The documents here are the CCG constitution in four parts - currently in shadow form but very close to what it will be - and the DRAFT "plan-on-a-page" required by the National Commissioning Board - to give an outline of the CCG's plans for the financial year 2013-14. .

Then we also have the South Reading CCG draft plan for 2013-14 and the Health and Well-Being Board's Strategy for 2013-14 to which the plan referers.

Primary care performance indicators (2012): South Reading CCG QOF Indicators for 2012

plan-on-a-page_SRCCG.draft_.fe13.pdf141.72 KB
SRCCG.Constitution.PartI.20ju12.pdf275.96 KB
SRCGG.Constitution.PartII.20ju12.pdf354.19 KB
SRCGG.Constitution.PartIII.20ju12.pdf434.54 KB
SRCCG.Constitution.PartIV..20ju12.pdf251.52 KB
A Patient's Summary and Thoughts About the Constitution.pdf63.47 KB
South Reading CCG Draft Commissioning Plan 2013-14 v22 (WORD DOC)1.52 MB
Reading Borough Council's Health and Well-Being Strategy 2013-14 (PDF)932.75 KB
Notes by an Attendee on the "Dry Run" CCG Board Meeting 27th March 2013 (WORD DOC)14.5 KB
How the 4 Berkshire West CCGs work together in a federation (Powerpoint - PPTX)135.86 KB