Independent SAGE proposes a Six Week Plan

The Independent scientific advisory body Independent SAGE, convened by former Chief Scientific Adviser Sir David King, has proposed a six-week plan for England to control the coronavirus (see the indie_SAGE youtube channel.)

The plan proposes a short "Circuit Breaker" of 2 to 3 weeks ( as advised by official SAGE) including:

  1. Closure of schools to coincide with half term
  2. No indoor household mixing outside of support bubbles
  3. Closure of non-essential retail and business
  4. Reinstate 2m physical distancing
  5. Work at home where at all possible
  6. Closure of leisure and hospitality sectors(takeaways allowed)
  7. Closure of places of worship
  8. No overnight stays away from home
  9. All university teaching online
  10. Up to 6 people can meet outside in public places

Then another 3 to 4 weeks of national restriction to rapidly reduce new cases, hospital admissions and deaths. Some restrictions will remain to keep R below 1 while allowing schools to open (adapted from advice from official SAGE). Restrictions will include:

  1. No indoor household mixing outside of support bubbles.
  2. Reinstate 2m phsyical distancing.
  3. Work at home where at all possible,
  4. Closure of leisure and hospitality sectors (takeaways allowed)
  5. All university teaching online unless face-to-fce teaching absolutely essential.
  6. Up to 6 people can meet outside in public spaces
  7. Secondary school pupils to wear face coverings in classroom

For all six weeks there will be measures to "build the public health scaffolding to support exit from restrictions".

  1. Financial support for all those impacted by restrictions, including original furlough scheme and support for self-employed for affected workers and businesses.
  2. Immediate major reform of Test and Trace, including restructuring of testing infrastructure, contact tracing and wrap-around-support for isolation.
  3. Comprehensive reset of the Government communications strategy that explains measures, is clear and consistent, avoids blame and treats the public as a partner rather than as a problem.