Reading University Forms Part of National Effort to Contain the Epidemic

Reading university has lent 3 of its best PCR machines to expand Public Health England's live virus testing capacity.

It has also supported the national effort in a number of another ways:

  • Researchers in relevant disciplines are contributing to understanding of the behaviour and characteristics of the SARS-COV-2 virus.
  • The University is answering many media and public questions about the virus and epidemic.
  • The University's car parks are available to NHS staff 24 hours a day, some accommodation has been made available and the Royal Berks Hospital runs a shuttle past the main car park.
  • 100 high quality webcams, which were intended for use in online teaching, have been donated to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and the Royal Brompton Hospital for use in remotely observing patients without having to enter the Covid-19 contaminated area. These also let patients talk to their families.
  • The University has contributed expertise in 3D printing to develop new types of PPE for the NHS and have transferred this to local production.
  • The University's technical services department have user their laser cutting experience to help deliver face visors to the NHS.
  • A method of testing the face-fit of PPE has been developed for the NHS.
  • The University has helped in the procurement of Oxygen for the NHS.
  • Researchers have provided tools to help children cope with anxiety and social distancing and others have provided home schooling advice.
  • Surplus food has been donated to NHS staff, to the Whitley Community Development Association and to Foodshare.