Reading's Developing Local Covid-19 Outbreak Plan

Reading borough is developing a local plan to control outbreaks of Covid-19. The plan so far can be inspected here .

Corona Virus Disease - Covid-19

Update:5th July 2020: NHS test and trace started operation at 9am on 28th May 2020. The geometric average of weekly growth factors in number of cases over the week to 1st July is 0.865 equivalent to a halving time of 34 days.

On 2nd July Public Health England changed the basis of reporting - by eliminating double counting of persons counted in both pillars 1 and 2. As a result we will not be able to give useful figures for evolution of number of cases until 9th July. It also added in the pillar 2 figures into the local totals for the first time - raising Reading's total, for example, from 596 to 767 and revealing for the first time an out-of-control situation in Leicester.

In Italy the factor improved to 0.75 when the number of new daily cases fell below 1000, perhaps due to the greater efficacy of contact tracing for the smaller number of cases, leading to a halving time of 17 days.

If the above halving rate applied over the next few months we would still have about 350 actual new cases and about 90 reported new cases a day at the start of the new school year for England.

Plan to Merge Milman Road Health Centre and Kennet Surgery

Patients at Milman Road Health Centre and at Kennet Surgery have been made aware of a plan to merge the two practices. The letter to patients assures them that there will be no reduction in appointments available. It is possible, though, that the branch surgery at Christchurch Road might be discontinued at some time with patients given a choice as to where to transfer.

CCG meets by telephone on 9th June 2020

The CCG held its 9th June meeting by multi-way telephone call.

The meeting papers are below - featuring some details on the measures taken for COVID-19 and the arrangements for paying for them.

Independent SAGE Reports on Test and Trace Needs

The Independent SAGE commission, chaired by former Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir David King, has issued a report on the integrated Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support system that is necessary to control the Covid-19 epidemic as the crude lockdown is eased.

NHS Test and Trace starts 9am 28th May 2020

The main public health technique for controlling epidemics returns to England tomorrow with the start of the NHS Test and Trace service.

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