Corona Virus Disease - Covid-19

Update: 27th May 2020: NHS test and trace starts operation at 9am on 28th May 2020. The weekly multiplier of total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is 1.076, well below its peak value 5.76 of 18th March. This factor has to go to 1 for new cases to stop. We are a way from that but moving in the right direction. Unfortunately our total confirmed cases are still growing by 6% in a week although this now includes all settings. It looks as though 11th April will have had the greatest number of new confirmed cases. The geometric average of weekly growth factors in number of cases since 6th May is 0.826 equivalent to a halving time of 24 days. This is similar to the rate of decline in Italy at a similar period although in Italy the factor improved to 0.75 when the number of new daily cases fell below 1000, perhaps due to the greater efficacy of contact tracing for the smaller number of cases.

NHS Test and Trace starts 9am 28th May 2020

The main public health technique for controlling epidemics returns to England tomorrow with the start of the NHS Test and Trace service.

Reading University Forms Part of National Effort to Contain the Epidemic

Reading university has lent 3 of its best PCR machines to expand Public Health England's live virus testing capacity.

It has also supported the national effort in a number of another ways:

Excess deaths in Care Homes Close to 11,000 claims Financial Times

The Financial Times has today published an article in which it gives the results of its analysis of deaths in care homes and states that nearly 11,000 more deaths have occurred in care homes than would have done in previous years.

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