Covid Case Count Will Count Infections and Re-infections

Currently UK Health Security Agency publishes Covid-19 case counts for England by giving the number of first infections only. But with Omicron variant many people are being re-infected.

From 31st January 2022 the case count will count episodes of Covid-19 infection. A new episode starts with a Covid-19 positive test more than 90 days from the last positive Covid-19 test.

NHS England priorities for 2022/3

NHS ENgland has set priorities for 2022/3 in a planning guidance document issued on Christmas eve .

The 10 priorities are as follows:

GP Incentives and Telephony Changed for Covid-19 Booster Campaign

NHS England has issued details of the changes to GP incentives to support the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. Some QOF incentive payments will be based on prior years performance. Other funds are diverted to the Covid-19 vaccination campaign provided all practices in a Primary Care network sign up to participate actively by 10th December. The changes persist until April 2022.

People's Covid Inquiry Reports on "Misconduct in Public Office".

A panel convened by the organisation "Keep Orur NHS Public" has heard evidence on the Government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its report is published under the title "Misconduct in Public Office". Please see the document linked below.

Reading's Health and Wellbeing Board meets 2pm Friday 21st January 2022

Reading's Health and Wellbeing board meets via MS Teams at 2pm on Friday 21st January 20222. Questions should be emailed to> a week before the meeting.

NHS Digital Playbooks - Are These the Future of Healthcare?

NHS England's digital arm, NHSX, has produced a set of digital playbooks covering different areas of healthcare and showing examples of how digital technology can transform these areas.

Have a look for yourself

Public Survey on Royal Berkshire Hospital Rebuild Options

The Royal Berkshire Hospital has progressed with its planning for a rebuilt hospital and has now published its Strategic Outline Case (SOC) and added a second survey concerning the 3 options now being considered. Please click here to access these.

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