NHS Test and Trace Judged Ineffective

Indepedent SAGE on 30th October cited this graph on the ineffectiveness of the "NHS" test, trace, isolate and support system.

Covid-19 - Public Health Advice for Reading

Reading's Public Health Consultant, David Munday, has recorded a message about Tier 4 for all residents of Reading . ....

Independent SAGE proposes a Six Week Plan

The Independent scientific advisory body Independent SAGE, convened by former Chief Scientific Adviser Sir David King, has proposed a six-week plan for England to control the coronavirus (see the indie_SAGE youtube channel.)

South Reading Patient Voice Meets at 6pm on Wednesday 21st October 2020

South Reading Patient Voice meets online at 6pm on Wednesday 21st October.

We are hoping that we will have a speaker on developing the new Health and Wellbeing strategy, but if not we have plenty else to discuss, including the future of the Walk-In centre, the Independent Sage 6-week plan for tacking the Coronavirus Crisis, a local Covid-19 testing station and more. We will also have news from local Patient Participation Groups and Healthwatch and a report from the Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting.

Reading Covid-19 Outbreak Engagement Board Meets 2pm Friday 6th November 2020

The Reading Covid-19 Engagement Board meets again at 2pm on Friday 6th November 2020. If you want to attend please email Nicky Simpson at .

If you have questions for the board please send them to Nicky Simpson at Reading Borough Council, as above, by 6pm on 30th October 2020.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee Meets on Thursday, 14th October 2020

The Berkshire West Primary Care Commissioning Committee meets online at 1pm on Thursday, 14th October 2020.

Berkshire Public Health Covid-19 Dashboard

Berkshire Public Health has a dashboard with details. of infection around Berkshire.

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