Scientists Report Abysmal Compliance with Isolation Guidance for Covid-19

A group of scientists including SAGE member Prof Susan Michie have analysed responses taken on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care in a series of 21 surveys, each of abour 2,000 people, from 5 March to 2 August. We can expect that of the order of 100 people in each survey would have had Covid-19. The report has not yet been peer-reviewed for publication. The results make depressing reading as to the overall effectiveness of our national system for suppressing Covid-19 infection.
Evidently until compliance is much improved it will be necessary to have gross "lockdown" measures.

New Covid-19 Testing Site at Reading University and Labs at Bracknell Healthspace

Reading University is establishing a Covid-19 walk-in testing site in coordination with Reading Public Health. This site will provide testing for university students but also for local residents. It is not clear whether this will use any testing capacity at the University or will use the national network of Lighthouse Labs to process the results. It is expected to be ready sometime in October if given final Government approval.

How CCG Allocations are Worked Out - 2019-2023

NHS England has reworked the data on how CCG allocations are worked out and given information for the 3 years from 2019-2023. Please see the attached document. For the data as published in 2017 see this story .

South Reading Patient Voice Meets Online on 16th September

South Reading Patient Voice meets at 6pm on Wednesday 16th September online.

Prof Phil Lowry will tell us something of research into Coronavirus testing at Reading University. We will hear news from PPGs, Healthwatch, major NHS providers and those attending meetings of the CCG and Reading
Covid-19 Outbreak Engagement Board.

Please see the attached agenda for information on joining the meeting.

If interested in joining the group please contact Tom Lake, Information Officer

Reading Covid-19 Outbreak Engagement Board meets at 2pm on Friday, 4th September

The Reading Covid-19 Outbreak Engagement Board will meet online via Microsoft Teams at 2pm on Friday. 4th September 2020.

To attend please register with Nicky Simpson at Reading Borough Council.

Royal Berkshire Hospital trust AGM is on Wednesday, 28th October at 15.30

The Annual General Meeting of the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will be streamed live on YouTube at 15.30 on Wednesday, 28th October. Please use

Berkshire West CCG meeting and AGM are on Wednesday 8th September 2020

The Berkshire West CCG has its AGM on 8the September from 10.00am to 11.30am online. The regular meeting of the CCG follows from 11.30am to 2pm. Requests to attend and questions should be sent

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