New 111 telephone service is Integrated Urgent Care

The new 111 NHS telephone service, starting on 5th September 2017 in Berkshire West and other parts of the Thames Valley has is designed as an Integrated Urgent Care service. It is more closely integrated with the out-of-hours GP service. It is anticipated that about 30% of calls will be handled by a clinician.

Britain's NHS Spending Is Only 6.5% GDP (2016-17)

For 2016-17 NHS spending was £145 billion which is 6.5% of GDP of about £2.2 trillion. Private health spending is thought to be a little above 1% of GDP or about £26 billion, giving total health expenditure of 7.5 - 8% of GDP, but adding in social care for international comparison, total health expenditure by international definition is about 9.9% of GDP. For comparison Germany, France, Sweden and Japan spend about 11% of (a larger per capita) GDP.

NHS England says GP Referrals must be Reviewed For Approval

Pulse Today magazine has reported that NHS England is planning that ALL GP referrals should be prospectively peer reviewed and is arranging a system of funding to incentivise this.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee meets on Wednesday, 13th September at 1pm in Shaw House, Newbury

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee for Berkshire West meets in public at 1pm on Wednesday, 13th September at Shaw House, Church Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2DR.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust AGM - Wednesday,13th September 2017

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which provides mental healthcare and community nursing throughout Berkshire and out-of-hours GP services in Berkshire West, is holding its AGM at 2pm on Wednesday 13th September at Easthampstead Baptist Church, South Hill Road, Bracknell, RG12 7NS. The meeting is open to members of the public.

Berkshire West CCGs pledge on Diabetes Education

Berkshire West CCGs have pledged:
“That within the next five years, our ambition is to have 50% of our newly diagnosed people with diabetes participating in a structured education course in their first year. We would like to do this by exploring a wider variety of educational options, including ‘online’ courses which may become available in the future.“

NHS Clinical Research - Drop-in Afternoon - Tuesday, 12 Sept 2017

The NHS Clinical Research Network for Thames Valley and the South Midlands will be holding a drop-in event in the Victoria Hall of Reading Town Hall from 1.30 - 5.30pm on Tuesday, 12th September 2017.

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